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Anne AjaName: Anne Aja, Ed.D.

Profession: Psychotherapist

Practice Description: Anne Aja, Ed.D. is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has been providing psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, marriage, family and sex therapy since 1982. Dr. Aja is a partner at Rock Landing Psychological Group.

Practice Specialties or interests: Dr. Aja works with individuals, couples and families. She is an AASECT certified sex therapist and is certified by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. Dr. Aja provides a full range of psychotherapy services to include:

Helping individuals heal wounds from the past and achieve a stronger sense of self or identity

Empowering individuals to create the life they want for themselves

Hypnosis as a means to expedite change

Helping couples create more intimacy and passion in their lives

Sex Therapy to deal with the problems of sexual functioning, low desire, sexual identity, sexual addiction, painful sex or the lack of sexual confidence.

Ages treated: Adults and some adolescents under special circumstances

Session Format: Individual, Couple and Family

Treatment Approaches: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Interpersonal, Developmental, Hypnotherapy and Sex Therapy

Demographic Specialties: Dr. Aja works with individuals and couples of all races and sexual orientations.


Temple University BS 1969

Syracuse University MS 1975

College of William and Mary Ed.D. 1982


Licensed Professional Counselor

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


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American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors & Therapists

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Kay Allen, LPC

Name: Kay Allen, LPC.

Profession: Psychotherapy

Practice Description: Ms. Allen has over 22 years of experience working with individuals, couples and families.

Practice Specialties or interests: Eating Disorders (Binge eating, Bulimia, Anorexia, and Disordered Eating), Relationship Issues, Marital and Family Conflict, Stress Reduction, Depression, Mood Disorders, Panic, Anger, ADHD, Substance Abuse, Behavioral Problems in Children and Adolescents

Ages treated: Adults ages 21+

Session Format: Individual, Couples, Family

Treatment Approaches: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Systems, Emotionally Focused, Relaxation Skills Training, Team Approach for Treatment of Eating Disorders (Therapy and Consults with Dietician and Family Physician)

Demographic Specialties: All


Franklin and Marshall College B.A.

University of Maine M.A. in Literature 1977

Seattle University M. Ed. in Counseling 1985


Licensed Professional Counselor

Nationally Certified Counselor

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Harriette Barnes-Parker, Ph.D.

Name: Harriette Barnes-Parker, Ph.D.

Profession: Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Practice Description: I am licensed to practice psychology independently in Virginia, a Certified Christian Life Coach, Certified Christian Therapist and hold a Certificate of Proficiency in the Treatment of Alcohol and Other Psychoactive Substance Use Disorders.

I use my clinical skills to empower and improve the mental/emotional well being of my clients so that they can live happier, healthier and more productive lives.

Therapeutic approach includes: Supportive Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Client Centered Therapy.

Practice interests/specialties include: Stress/Anxiety, Parenting, Women’s Issues, Depression, Anger Management, Self Esteem Issues, Substance Abuse/Use.

Ages treated: adults (30 years and up)

Education: I received my undergraduate degree in Psychology from Virginia State College and graduate degree in Clinical Psychology from Pennsylvania State University. I have provided clinical services to populations in various settings including: corrections, outpatient and inpatient for 25 + years. In addition to direct service, I have provided workshops, trainings and taught on the graduate level.

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William Brockman, Ed.D.Name: William Brockman, Ed.D.

Profession: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor

Practice Description: Dr. Brockman is a family therapist who treats children adolescents and adults. He has over forty years of experience helping individuals couples and families in the Hampton Roads region and is co owner of Rock Landing Psychological Group.

Practice Specialties or interests: His specialties include assessment and treatment of attention, concentration, behavior, adjustment, and substance abuse problems. He provides psychotherapy services that include the treatment of AD/HD and school adjustment, childhood and adolescent behavioral and emotional problems, child abuse, alcohol and chemical dependency, anxiety, depression, and marital problems.He is especially interested in resilience and Solution Focused approaches to life’s problems.

Ages treated: Toddlers through Seniors

Session Format: Individual, Couple and Family

Treatment Approaches: Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Family Therapy, Couples Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Insight Oriented Psychotherapy

Demographic Specialties: Dr.Brockman’s practise includes persons of all nationalities, colors, faiths and he is LGBTQ friendly.


Old Dominion University B.S. 1965

Old Dominion University M.S.1971

College of William and Mary Ed.D. 1980

License: Licensed Professional Counselor – Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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Name:  Joseph Farrell. LCSW

Profession:  Licensed Clinical Social Work

Practice Description:  Joseph Farrell is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 10 years of experience working clinically with children and families.  His focus has been on assessments & diagnostics, crisis intervention, parenting practices, and clinical work with both children and adults.  While working with children, adolescents & families he’s successfully assisted clients manage symptoms of depression, anxiety, ADHD, and navigate complex family dynamics.  While working with adults Mr. Farrell has effectively counseled couples through relationship struggles, has promoted positive parenting strategies for parents of children with challenging behavior, has effectively intervened with clients struggling through anxiety and depression, and continues to thrive with clients who look to maintain their mental health through improving self awareness and self care strategies.

Practice Specialties and Interests:  Mr. Farrell is a certified administrator of the ADOS-2 diagnostic instrument which he uses in conjunction with other tools to conduct neurodevelopmental / Autism diagnostic evaluations.  Depending on client profile and case specifics, Mr. Farrell has successfully utilized concepts and tactics gleaned from cognitive theory, behavior theory, and various sub-theories associated with family systems therapy (Bowenian, Structural & Systemic, primarily).

Ages Treated:  Individuals over 18 months old and up.

Education: Virginia Commonwealth University, MSW

License:  Licensed Clinical Social work.

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George Fenigsohn, Ed.D.Name: George Fenigsohn, Ed.D.

Profession: Licensed Professional Counselor

Practice Description: Dr. Fenighson has 21 years of experience as a counselor and a family life educator with York County Public and Poquoson City Schools.

Specialties/special interests: Stress and stress related issues, Relationship problems, Depression and Anxiety, Sexual orientation, Career changes, Self-esteem, Life transitions, and Family conflicts

Ages treated: Age 15 and above

Session Format: 55 minutes

Treatment Approaches: Humanistic and Behavioral

Demographic Specialties: Open to all

Education: College of William and Mary Ed.D. 1982

Fulbright Scholar England and Japan

License: Licensed Professional Counselor

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Name: Cara R. Henry, LCSW

Profession: Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Practice Description:  Cara is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who treats a wide variety of issues, including anxiety and mood disorders, relationship difficulties, sleep issues and insomnia, adjustment problems and life transitions, stress management, family conflict, and communication difficulties.

Cara entered this field in order to enrich the daily lives of people, to help them develop more satisfying interpersonal relationships, assist them with the obstacles they face in life, and guide them toward making the changes they desire to accomplish their goals.  She has diversified experience, working with people of all ages, from a variety of cultural backgrounds and currently treats a broad population of clients, including adolescents, adults, individuals, families, couples, and parents.   Cara has a special interest in working with the young adult population.

Cara utilizes a client-centered treatment approach that is suited to each client’s specific needs.   By helping to determine a client’s motivation for change in their lives, a unique treatment approach is developed.  Cara offers a supportive and encouraging environment in which treatment takes place.  Her style incorporates skill building, prioritization, development of insight, and is supportive and accommodating.

Ages Treated:  Adults and Adolescents 18+

Session Format: Individual, Couples, Family

Treatment Approaches: Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioral, Solution-Focused, Mindfulness, Supportive


The American University, BA in Psychology, 2001

New York University, MSW, 2008

License: Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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Dr.JafriDr.JafriName: Rabia Jafri, M.D.

Profession:  Psychiatry

Practice Specialties:  Dr. Jafri provides psychiatric evaluation and medication management to adolescents and adults.  Dr. Jafri specializes in the treatment of Mood Disorders, Depression, Anxiety and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Dr. Jafri has a particular interest in therapy based approaches and Psychodynamic Therapy.

Ages treated:  Adolescents and Adults

Session Format:  Psychiatric Evaluation and Medical Management

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Name: Renee Johnson, LCSW, CSAC

Profession: Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Substance Abuse Counselor

Practice Description: Ms. Johnson has experience working with individuals, couples and facilitating group therapy. She has provided therapy to clients in out-patient, intensive out-patient, partial hospital, residential, drug court and day support treatment programs.

Specialties or Interests: Stress and Anxiety reduction, Depression, Mood Disorders, Self Esteem Issues, Substance Abuse, Recovery and Relapse prevention skills for abstinence or harm reduction, Anger management, Life Changes.

Treatment Approaches: Ms. Johnson uses a combination of Cognitive Behavioral, Solution-Focused, and Person Centered approaches to help clients reach their therapy goals.

Ages treated: 18 and up

Session Format: Individual, Couples, Group


Christopher Newport University B.A 1996

Norfolk State University M.SW, 1999

License: Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Substance Abuse Counselor

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Cheryl Kabana-Ross, ACSW, LCSWName: Cheryl Kabana-Ross, ACSW, LCSW

Profession: Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Practice Description: Cheryl Kabana-Ross, LCSW, is a licensed clinical social worker who has provided individual, couple, family, and group psychotherapy for over 30 years. Her varied background includes work in psychiatric and veterans’ hospitals, military family service centers, a mental health clinic, juvenile courts, schools and private practice.

Practice Specialties or interests: Ms. Kabana-Ross specializes in the enhancement of relationships for individuals, couples, families and employees. Issues she helps clients to address include depression, anxiety/panic attacks, infertility, PMS/menopausal symptoms, relationship turmoil, grief and loss, school-related problems and workplace stress. She is a certified Prep Trainer (Fighting for Your Marriage) Markman model and Critical Incident Debriefing Mitchell model.

Ages treated: Children 18 years+adults including seniors

Session Format: Individual, Couple, Family, Group

Treatment Approaches: Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Brief Solution-Focused Therapy


The College of William and Mary BA 1970

Virginia Commonwealth University MSW 1986

Member of the Academy of Certified Social Workers ACSW 1991

License: Licensed Clinic Social Worker

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Joselito B. Morales, M.D.Name: Joselito B. Morales, M.D.

Profession: Psychiatry

Practice Description: Dr. Morales is Board Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

Practice Specialties: Dr. Morales specializes in the treatment of Depression, Mania, Anxiety, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and the dually diagnosed.

Ages treated: Adolescents and Adults

Session Format: Psychiatric evaluation and Medication Management

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Pam Pare, Ed.D.Name: Pam Pare, PhD

Profession: Licensed Professional Counselor

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Practice Description: Dr. Pare is licensed by the Virginia Department of Health Professions to practice psychotherapy.

Practice Specialties or interests: Hypnotherapy, EMDR, Dissociative Disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, Bereavement including Pet Loss, Women’s Issues, Critical Incident Debriefing and evaluation for Psychiatric referral.

Ages treated: Adults 18+

Session Format: Individual, Couples, Family

Treatment Approaches: Hypnotherapy, EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Guided Imagery

Demographic Specialties: All


Carleton University B.A.

College of William and Mary M.S.

College of William and Mary Ed.D. 1995

Completing Ph.D. internship in Clinical Psychology

National Board-Certified Diplomat Clinical Hypnotherapist by NBCCH

License: Licensed Professional Counselor

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


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Beverly L. Supler Ph.D.Name: Beverly L. Supler Ph.D.

Profession: Licensed Professional Counselor

Practice Description:  Dr. Supler was a teacher before becoming a therapist, so her philosophy embraces teaching clients about the connections between their emotional symptoms and their behavior, feelings and thoughts.  Her goal is to give clients the tools they need to manage their emotional stress effectively.

Therapeutic Approach:  Dr. Supler uses a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy, psycho-education, trauma processing techniques (including EMDR), and anxiety reduction/relaxation strategies to resolve emotional symptoms, then teaches coping and relaxation strategies that can be used to deal with future events.

Practice Specialties or Interests:  Anxiety Disorders, Alcohol and Drug Abuse/Dependence; Compulsive Disorders & OCD; Depression; Grief; Life Changes; Marital Conflict; PTSD/Trauma; and Stress-related Disorders.

Ages Treated:  Adolescents 18 and above; Adults
Demographic Specialties:  All

University of Virginia, Ph.D. in Counselor Education, 1996
University of Virginia, M.Ed. in Special Education, 1986
University of Virginia, BA in English, 1982

Licensed Professional Counselor

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D. Thomas Wessells, Jr. Ed. D.Name:  D. Thomas Wessells, Jr. Ed. D.

Practice Description:  Dr. Wessells trained in individual and family psychotherapy.  He is a clinical member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.  He is also a clinical member of the American Psychological Association.  While treating a wide range of emotional and behavioral problems, Dr. Wessells specializes in marital and family therapy.  He also uses cognitive behavioral therapy and insight oriented approaches to deal with problems of disordered eating, depression, anxiety disorders, loss and dual diagnosed patients.

Ages Treated:  Dr. Wessells treats primarily adolescents and adults. He works with children 13 + in the context of family therapy.


BS in 1968 from Richmond Professional Institute (now Virginia Commonwealth University)

MS in 1972 From Virginia Commonwealth University

Extern training at the Georgetown University Family Center under Murray Bowen MD, 1977-1978 and 1978-1979

EDD. in 1982 from the College of William & Mary

Licenses:  Marriage and Family Therapy (LMFT), Licenses Professional Counselor (LPC)

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Edward J. Whitacre, LCSWName: Edward J. Whitacre, LCSW

Profession: Psychotherapist

Practice Description: Full range of psychotherapy services

Practice Specialties or interests: Anger, grief, loss, trauma, substance abuse, anger management and depression

Ages treated: Ages 11 through adults

Session Format: Individual and Family

Treatment Approaches: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Hypnosis, Solution Focused Therapy, Mind/Body and Bio-psychological approaches

Demographic Specialties: All races, religions and sexual orientations



Old Dominion University BS

Virginia Commonwealth University MSW

License: Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 1993

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